Our bullet time camera array captures multiple images at exactly the same time. Freezing time and outputting an awesome branded 3D GIF that can be instantly shared to their device!

Create amazing "Matrix" style three dimensional GIF's instantly!

Our bullet time booth is the perfect engagement tool for high footfall events such as festivals, conventions, movie launches, brand activations and product launches. The speed of capture and the quick throughput mean you all of your attendees get to experience their moment of bullet time fun in a short space of time! It is then instantly branded and available to share to their device at the sharing station immediately.

All of our array’s whether it be the standard 11 camera all the way up to our 66 camera have the latest and greatest DSLR camera’s to capture the moment with the best quality and detail. This coupled with amazing branded overlays, photo studio lighting and dramatic music FX the output is truly awesome and something your guests simply can’t wait to share with their friends and followers!

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