The Results

“Quirky, fun and bespoke! The Photo Mosiac is one of a kind and something that we and our customers won’t forget any time soon. Boothtube knocked this one out of the park!”

What happens when EBAY joins forces with a World famous gaming convention and asks us to tag along..... MAGIC!

When EBAY calls, we answer!

This year was the return of the world famous Gen Con Indianapolis held  at the Indiana Convention Centre, a haven for gamers, cosplayers and artists alike, and a welcome comeback from the virtual convention of 2020.

Ebay wanted something extra special for the 35,000+ attendees and that’s where we came in… With a 60 sqft Photo Mosaic!

We created interactive QR codes for customers to create their own personalized player cards, instantly printing so they had something to take away with them and remember the event, we also branded the photo booth with Ebay’s signature logo.

The customer engagement was through the roof!  The numbers below speak for themselves, take a look!


Number of images in the Photo Mosiac


Emails captured


Social media reach
The Set Up

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our incredible DSLR Camera in the Photo Booth captured every detail, color and smile, and instant printing means customers can take their memory of the day home with them on the spot.
The vinyl wrapped branded booth was instantly recognisable and promoted the Ebay brand.

Making the Magic Happen

Making Data Capture Fun!

As a huge part of this event was the extensive display of valuable Magic The Gathering trading cards, we decided that everyone should have a trading card of their own!
We developed QR codes for customers to scan and input their character name and statistics into a webform to create their own trading cards. Email addresses were collected consensually and the data was provided to Ebay, a fun and exciting way to capture customer data!

The Photo Mosiac

Imagine a collaboration of over 2000 people, coming together from all over the world to have some fun and also promote your brand.

One big family

Bringing people together

After the last year, it's never been more important to bring people together and get back the sense of community that events like Gen Con create.

We love being a part of it! Seeing people get together to show each other their photo's and compare trading cards, watching the Mosaic board grow into a bigger picture made up of individual experiences is something so unique and special. The Mosaic is the perfect conversation starter and was a great way for both customers and businesses to network at the event.

The End Game

It's time to see the bigger picture.

The end result is this beautiful Photo Mosaic. A unique, one of a kind marketing campaign, data capture tool and selfie backdrop, perfect for sharing on Social Media and getting the word out about your brand!

Thanks for having us again Ebay, we will see you in 2022!

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