We had so much fun at the Power Book II: GHOST Premiere!

“The event was crazy, there were a lot of fun things to do for the attendees, but definitely one of my favorites was the GHOST Photo Booth. It is super creative and it really captures the concept of the series.”

Photo taken during the GHOST premiere where you can see the ghost of the person in the picture

Haunting the GHOST Premiere at the Power 10 years experience in New York City!

The electrifying “Power” series has captivated audiences for over a decade! That’s why we were thrilled to be a part of the epic Power Book II: Ghost 10-Year Fan Experience in New York City.

Our trusty photo booth was on-site for this unforgettable event, and we got super creative! We developed a special effect that allowed attendees to see their own “Ghosts,” channeling the visions of the show’s main character. People were amazed as their photos transformed into chilling hallucinations, offering a glimpse of “the other side.”

But not everyone dared to confront their inner ghosts! Luckily, we also offered classic branded photo prints that attendees could take home as a memento of this incredible Starz-sponsored GHOST Premiere.

The secrets of GHOST Premiere Unveiled

Scary Visions Vs. Classic Prints

The secret behind the "ghostly" photos is surprisingly simple, yet the results are undeniably spooky! We capture two images: the first a still portrait, and the second with the guest making a quick movement. By extending the exposure of the second photo and blending it with the first, we create that chilling "ghostly" effect that seems to emerge from the image. Rest assured, it's just a clever combination of technology and fun!

Normal photo of a guy With glasses at the Ghost Premiere Same guy with glasses but with the GHOST effect on the photo
The Magic of the Photo Booth

The beauty of our photo booth lies in its versatility. Boothtube offers a variety of interactive photo booth experiences to engage your audience. At the GHOST Premiere, attendees could choose between a thrilling "ghostly" experience or a classic branded photo to take home. This adaptability makes our booth a powerful tool for any event, fostering interaction and creating lasting memories for your audience.

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