Words To Live By…

“We have to remember these days. There is no guarantee they will last forever. Enjoy them as long as they last.” – Sebastian Vettel

The Magic Formula 1...

Formula 1 have teamed up with the Hard Rock Stadium Miami, home to the Miami Dolphins for the May 8th 2022 Miami Grand Prix.

This is the first time that this landmark event will happen in Miami and the racetrack will be built around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami gardens.

And in 2021 we were asked capture the memories of the day for their 2021 Monaco Grand Prix Community Viewing Party held at the stadium.

This was a great opportunity to create some buzz and excitement for the Miami community in preparation for the FIRST EVER Miami Grand Prix, and watch the Monaco Grand Prix race on the big screen!

We asked visitors to our booth’s to use the #F1MIAMI for their social media sharing, with over 1000 shares in the first hour!

It was also a great opportunity for our 360 Booth to come out and play! Alongside our Photo Mosiac and Photo Booth of course. We even had our own GIF Kiosk! Double the products, double the fun!


Number of images in the Photo Mosiac


Emails captured


Social media reach in the Miami area
The 360 Booth

Life Comes Full Circle....

The 360 Booth makes any event just that little bit extra special! With a full 360 degree camera that captures you at every angle it makes the perfect selfie station and perfect to share straight to social media! Our 360 booth is equipped with instant social media sharing capabilities, meaning instant marketing direct from your customers. The social media reach for this event was huge as we really promoted the sharing aspect of the booth.

360 Degrees of Social Media Content

You Spin Me Right Round....

Our 360 Photo Booth videos are shot in full HD with slow motion 240FPS to create the perfect social media sharing content. Everyone loves the 360 booth, the orbiting camera engages people and brings out their creative side with poses and gestures.

The Photo Booth

Get in line, it's Photo Booth time!

Formula 1 fans flocked to the Photo Booth to get their pictures taken and make some memories. Each picture is instantly shareable and the printed images available to keep. This booth creates and prints the images ready for our Formula 1 Mosaic board.

After the photo’s are taken, customers can instantly share their pictures to social media via our booths or send them directly to their Mobiles or email address. Formula 1 wanted part of our booth’s data capture function to act as a survey to find out if people were excited about event, it asked questions about the future 2022 Miami grand Prix and how likely they were to purchase a 1 day ticket or two day ticket. Our software is able to create a bespoke data capture for your specific needs.

The GIF Kiosk

GIF us a smile!

GIF the people what they want!
We've found over the years that people love a GIF, they are always fun to set up, and we love seeing customers plan their poses for each take. The GIF is always a memorable experience, that people love to share to their social media profiles. It's a great way to get noticed and our booths have instant sharing, allowing people to share to their social media directly via the booth, which doubles as a data capture tool!

Until Next Time...

We had such a blast at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Community watch party, the atmosphere was electric and the hype the event created for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix was tangible! Check out our photo galleries to see more of what did on the day!

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