Straight from the Old Trappers mouth

“The Mosaic was awesome! You guys really captured the spirit of the day and the end result is something we will treasure for a long time to come. We’ve never seen anything like this! You guys rock!”

There's nothing old about Old Trapper!

Old Trapper – The Kings of the Beef Jerky world have joined forces with the Big 10 and have become their official Beef Jerky!

The Big 10 Fan Fest also known as the B1G held at the Indiana Convention Centre and presented by Dr Pepper, had more than 70,000 attendees this year!

And they wanted Boothtube US to be there to capture every single one of them for our Big trapper Photo Mosaic Board.

Using the hashtags ‘WHATSYOURBEEF’ and “B1G” we managed to get over 100,000 social media shares!

And, to add something extra special we also custom wrapped and branded the photo booth with Old trapper’s signature logo’s, so there was no mistaking who the Jerky Kings and Queens were that day.


Number of images in the Photo Mosiac


Emails captured


Social media reach
The GIFS that keep on GIF'ing

Social Media Gold!

Everyone, and I mean everyone loves a good GIF.
They easily stand out from a still crowd on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and give the viewer a more engaging and visual way of seeing what your business and brand is about. People are more likely to remember visual content over text and a recent study shows that between 50% and 80% of businesses will mostly rely on visual content for Marketing and influencing in 2021 onwards.

Slide to see our booth branding....
Wrapped and Branded

There's no mistaking who brings the fun with a fully customised Photo Booth...

Brand Logo's - Check!
Branded Props - Check!
QR Code - Check!
Social Media Hashtag - Check!
Sweepstake - Check!

As part of our marketing strategy for Old Trapper, we decided to create a customised QR code that could be scanned and used to start the booth.

We also ran a sweepstake to win tickets to the Big 10 Basketball tournament, all people had to do was post about Old Trapper on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and use the hashtag WHATSYOURBEEF and B1G, then tag and follow Old Trapper on Instagram.

This proved wildly successful with over 100,000 instagram shares! Not only that, we also got Old Trapper more likes followers on all of their social media platforms increasing their brand awareness.

Oh Baby!

The youngest member of The Old Trapper fan club visited our booth, a memory which his family will never forget! They even got to take away a printed copy of their picture, and a digital copy to share with all of their friends, family and followers online.

One big family

Being a part of something great!

2020/2021 was a difficult time for people across the globe with the Covid-19 outbreak, but seeing people come together again and celebrate an event like The Big 10 and Old Trapper makes us so proud to provide the visual memories for people to take home and share.

People love to have their pictures taken and the first thing we've found that they do is share straight to their Social Media and usually update their cell phone screen to their picture of the day. This means that every time they look at their phone, they are reminded of your product and how much fun they had!

The Old Trapper becomes the New

The end result is this beautiful Photo Mosaic. A unique, one of a kind marketing campaign, data capture tool and selfie backdrop, perfect for sharing on Social Media and getting the word out about your brand!

Interested in the Photo Mosiac for your next event?Old Trapper Photo Gallery

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