Our 6-foot-tall Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a captivating experience that transforms events into unforgettable moments with an immersive sleek design. Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, brand activation, or product launch, this booth adds a touch of magic and interactivity.

A Powerful Photo and Video Booth Inside a Sleek 6ft Tall One-Way Mirror!

Our Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a sleek and powerful engagement tool for retail, luxury events, festivals, brand activations, and product launches. In a world surrounded by TikTok, Facebook Reels, and Instagram videos, what better way is there to connect with your audience than by allowing them to create unique and exciting content to share your brand, product, or company with friends and followers?

Don’t let the magic fool you – our mirrors are high-tech. Hidden behind the sleek design are top-of-the-line DSLR cameras and studio lighting for flawless photos and videos. Our awesome software lets guests personalize their experience with branding, signatures, and instant sharing. Plus, data capture and surveys are always optional, adding an extra layer of value if you choose

Dubshed 2021 loved our mirror!

The magic mirror is a fully branded, interactive experience! Check out the video below to see all the cool features, like signing your photo, using digital props, adding fun animations, and even capturing GIFs or videos

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