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‘You guys! This was so incredible, we had some amazing feedback on the booth and the array, we were walking around the convention and heard people telling other people that they needed to go get their pictures taken at the Abbot Elementary Photo Booth! At one point we couldn’t see you because of the amount of people around you guys wanting to use the booths, this was such a great way to get the word out about our new season launch. Thank you we would definitely use you guys again! – Sarah abc’

"School's out for Summer!"

This year we had two brand activation experiences at Comic-con San Diego, one of them was for FX’s What We Do In The Shadows (check out our other blog post for more info on that!) and the other was for abc’s Abbott Elementary launch, a unique Mockumentary based in a Philadelphia Public School following the lives of a bunch of teachers trying to make a difference to their pupils lives.

Over at our WWDITS stand we had our 360 Booth, and for this launch we decided to bring a photo booth and our incredible Array booth, using 11 DSLR camera’s that all fire off a split second after one another to create a stunning freeze motion effect creating a three dimensional matrix style moving GIF image.

This is the first time Comic-Con has been held at the San Diego Convention Center since 2019, and we heard the 2022 con was going to be the biggest and best yet!

The set was incredible, our Array booth had an awesome yellow school bus backdrop with the cast members in the windows of the bus and a floorplan of the school was built too, complete with classrooms and the headmaster’s office!

We set up our Fully abc branded photo booth in a replica Abbott Elementary classroom, and the backdrop for our photo booth was a traditional yearbook photo backdrop!

This was one of the best events we have ever done, we loved every minute of it and can’t wait for Comic-con 2023!



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Stop the bus!

The Array Booth!

The Array Booth is a sight to behold and always gets ALL the attention from anyone who sets eyes on it!
Before the visitors could go inside the Abbott Elementary set, they had to get the school bus (a huge yellow school bus that was our photography backdrop for the event!)

Our usual QR code wasn't needed to start the Array booth as luckily we had one of our Booth attendants here to start it for the visitors to the booth and explain to them how the booth worked.

At the end of the session the visitor could go over to one of our sharing stations, view their video and send it instantly to themselves by text or email ready to share on social media using the #AbbottElementary which got over 5000 hits!

The main focus of the Array Booth was Data Capture for abc, at the end of the video session we created a short webiform for the visitors to the booth on behalf of abc.

abc wanted to find out more about their customer base for future marketing purposes, promotions, and personalised direct marketing like new TV shows of interest to visitors. was also done so that the client could capture data for future marketing purposes, promotions, TV show news etc.

After using the Array booth and completing the webiform, the Array created a personalised QR code for each visitor to scan to start the next photo op, visitors could head inside to the Abbott Elementary set where our Photo booth was waiting! Influencers assemble!


The Photo Booth!

Next up was our Photo Booth! Set in the principles office, the Photo Booth was already ready to go for visitors who had scanned their QR code on the way in after using our Array Booth, meaning they were instantly photo ready!

Once the Yearbook themed picture was taken, our printer created a teacher pass which we then put into a branded lanyard ready for the visitor to take home as a keepsake of their day. This whole process took less than 1 minute!

Our client abc wanted their customer's data and privacy to be as secure as possible, and so the entire sharing setup was completely custom made for them.

As soon as the video from our Array Booth was emailed to the customer our system anomylized the data so that it was not stored anywhere, meaning customer data is fully secure.

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