"I was doing the bloody disco a hundred years before any other f*#*#r," - Laszlo

Our fully immersive 360 booth was set up in none other than Nadja’s Nightclub, surrounded of course by Laszlo’s topiary garden…. Guillermo took a night off from being a familiar to have a go (with his master’s permission)

"Arise! Arise! What is 'arise' again? Control, alt, seven?"-Nandor

Ok, so we are HUGE fans of What We Do In The Shadows, and we are also HUGE fans of Comic-Con…. so When FX asked us to come and help them to promote Season 4 of What We Do In The Shadows at San Diego Comic-Con how the heck could we ever refuse?! FX wanted a one of a kind elevated 360 booth experience, and we gave them just that!

This is the first time Comic-Con has been held at the San Diego Convention Center since 2019, and we heard the 2022 con was going to be the biggest and best yet!

And 3 Flights, 16 Starbucks, and 18 toilet breaks later we arrived at the San Diego Convention Center ready to sink our fangs into getting our booth started, the venue is enormous, packed with people from every background, and the cosplay was out of this world. We couldn’t wait to get every single person in our 360 booth which was located in Nadja’s Nightclub!

Our fully FX Branded 360 slow motion video booth became one of the hottest Comic-Con attractions for Photo op’s, with people lining up out of the doors to get their gif video, we had some of the best social media sharing and impressions we’ve ever seen from an event! Using the hashtag #FXSDCC customers were able to instantly share their gifs to social media.


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Let's get this party started!

Data Capture - Love at first BITE!

Because we had thousands of people lining up to use our themed booth, so to speed things up we generated QR Code's for people to scan to enter the Nightclub and start the booth.

They scanned a QR code in the line outside, entered their email address into our customised webform and generated their unique QR code, when inside they then scanned their unique QR code to start the camera, and when they had finished, our automated system then emailed their Keepsake video directly to them.

Our client FX wanted their customer's data and privacy to be as secure as possible, and so the entire sharing setup was completely custom made for them.

As soon as the video was emailed to the customer our system anomylized the data so that it was not stored anywhere, meaning customer data is fully secure.

So long Suckers!

Fangs for the memories FX!

Finally as Influencers, Cosplayers and fans flocked to use our booth we couldn't help but realise just how lucky we were to be a part of this amazing brand activation in such an incredible setting.

On the whole this was one of the best multi-day installations we've ever been a part of and we can't wait to do it all over again next year.

But most of all, It was such a unique experience, both for us and for our thousands of customers, the social engagement was insane, with our highest social media sharing figures EVER!

We will see you in 2023 Comic-Con San Diego! And thanks FX for asking us to help with such a memorable marketing campaign!

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