The Overview

“For every picture taken in the photo booth, we will donate 50 free meals to underprivileged kids” – McCain

50 free meals donated by McCain to underprivileged kids for every picture taken in the photo booth.... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

With an offer like that, how could we ever refuse!

This year was the return of the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference held at The Orange County Convention Centre, International Drive, Orlando, a huge convention held every year to bring together thousands of educators, nutritionalists, school board members and organisational allies for 2 days of networking, seminars, programmes, workshops and events.

The food GIANT McCain was in attendance this year and asked us along to help bring engagement up and share their message ‘K12 Difference Maker – Make a difference every day’  they wanted something fun and exciting for the 10,000+ attendees, so they gave us a call… We were happy to help and provided them with a fully branded Photo Booth!

We had instant printing so visitors had something to take away with them and remember the event, we also branded the photo booth with McCains signature logo, and colour scheme to match the quirky, bright colours of the event. We even had a box of props for people to try on and take pictures with.


Number of emails captured


Number of pictures taken


Number of free meals donated by McCain
The Photo Booth

Say Cheese!

Once again our superhero DSLR Camera captured all of the best bits!

With instant printing and social media sharing, this was the perfect way for educators and nutrition experts from across the world to come together, network and have some fun!

Lets Play The Networking Game

It's not just a pretty picture...

We know our photo booths are a great ice breaker, in which other circumstance would you find four strangers willing to take a photograph together wearing matching chicken props....

The photo booths are a great way for people to have fun, let loose and talk to people they wouldn't usually have the opportunity or perhaps courage to speak to under normal circumstances.

Laughing, as most people know is a huge benefit to your mental wellbeing and mood, but did you also know that it also stimulates your heart, and increases endorphins.

Endorphins help to relieve pain, stress and improve your wellbeing, which is great for us because we NEVER have an unhappy customer after using the booth, even the most sullen faced come out laughing and chatty - which is the perfect opportunity for opening up new conversations and ideas which could have been shut down if not for our trusty photo booth!

We've seen numbers and email addresses swapped, people from different parts of the world agreeing to meet up and discuss business ideas, strangers striking up conversations that lead to friendships - The networking possibilities of our Photo Booths are endless!

The Long Game

People use the booth, have a great time, share their digital pictures immediately to all of their friends and acquaintances on their social media, stick their physical prints to their fridge or to their laptop in their office where their colleagues walk past every day and see it... Your branded image is being seen and shared by thousands of people and you haven't had to lift a finger!

Knowledge is power

For McCain we set up a short data capture questionnaire for people visiting the booth to find out what their hopes were for food served in schools in the next 5 years. We asked multiple choice questions about what they would like to see less or more of in schools and if the the visitor felt they would recommend McCain to another colleague or friend. We then gathered the data and provided McCain with their NPS (Net Promoter Score) data to them alongside email addresses for for visitors to the booth who opted to share their data for targeted marketing and promotions.

Thanks for having us McCain, and thank you to the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference for hosting, we will see you in 2023!

Interested in the Photo Booth for your next event?McCain Photo Gallery

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