Whisper Sweet Nothings To Me…

“A special thank you from the team at Mondelez International, we absolutely love the mosaic and we’re so happy it gained such interest from the visitors to the exhibition, it really brought our stand to life”

There's no sugar coating it! It was Green Screen madness at the Sweets & Snack Expo in Chicago!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I have a HUGE sweet tooth… Sugary, fruity, sour I love it all!

So when we were asked to do an event for Mondelez International at one of the biggest Sweet and Snack conventions in the world, I couldn’t say no – a whole convention dedicated to the thing I love most in the world, who could resist?!

We provided an epic GREEN SCREEN photo booth with a digital animation of the Sour Patch Kids themselves, and our trusty Mosiac board to really get the party started!

I wasn’t alone of course, my other Booth buddy tagged along, I get by with a skittle help from my friends… see what I did there!


Number of images in the Photo Mosiac


Emails captured


Social media reach
The Mosaic Board

Stronger than Hot Tamales!

Our Mosaic boards are made of strong stuff! The boards can be made from recycled plastic, foam board or dibond aluminium. If you want to keep your mosaic for display we can use the aluminium board for longevity.

Say cheese!

Memories to take home and share!

Everyone loves a free photograph! People take them home, stick them on their fridges, display them at the office, post them to social media... all the while subliminally reminding themselves of your product and how much they enjoyed their time at your event! The perfect piece of marketing. Our booths allow full instant social media sharing at the time of the photo being taken, meaning the word about your business gets shared instantly to every follower of every customer.

The Photo Booth

Strike a pose!

Our Photo Booth's always get people talking, It gives businesses an easy route to striking up a conversation with a potential client without a direct and uncomfortable sales pitch. It's a fun and engaging way to start a meaningful relationship by starting their journey with you with laughter and enjoyment, making it a memorable first impression!

Our Photo Booth, Roamer and Mosaic Board set up was fully branded with the Zesty Paws Logo and signature colours, creating a bespoke and unmissable advertisement for the Zesty Paws brand and their new product line.

Sweets for my sweet

We have a confection to make....

We took away so much from this event, the people we met there were so much fun! Mondelez got to meet their new and existing customer base in an exciting and engaging setting and took full advantage of what our Photo Booth has to offer. The networking at this event was incredible, businesses that would never usually get to cross paths were able to have their pictures taken and swap details for future collaborations, and the thing that sweetened the deal for us of being the best day ever, we also got to take home a suitcase full of candy....

We can't wait for next years event which has promised to be even bigger and better... although we're not sure what could top this one!

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