"I heard it through the grapevine"

“The mosaic board is incredible, such a unique way to capture the memories of the day, I’ve never seen anything like this before”

We're Seeking The Ultimate Convention Experience!

Once again we boarded a plane to our next event, this time we headed to the Seek23 Convention in St Louis Missouri for a 5 day event with our incredible Photo Booth.

We had the booth loaded up with GIF capture for those realtime motion shots, along with our still image capture ready for the prints to take home. We also custom wrapped and branded the photo booth with Seek’s logo’s and colour scheme.

Seek wanted us to add a data capture option to the booth, collecting email addresses and contact details for people wishing to register their interest in being contacted by Seek Focus for future events. This was done with consent from each visitor to the booth and the data was securely transferred to Seek when the event was over.

Using the hashtags ”Seek23 and “focuscatholic” we managed to get over 57,000 social media shares!

We met some amazing young people who had travelled from all over the world to come together in Missouri for the Seek Focus event, we can’t wait for Seek24!

A GIF From God...

Memories To Cherish

We know from Social Media that people love a GIF! Every time someone visits our booth the first thing they do is download their GIF straight to their phone's to share on their social media pages.

People love the playfulness of a GIF image, a moving picture that perfectly captures that specific moment in time.

But what we love for our clients is the instant marketing they get directly from their customers, real people who share their passion for their product or service sharing their experience directly with their followers, it's the perfect way to get your message out there!

Scan or click the QR code below to view the SEEK23 online gallery!

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