We don't just create collectibles; we curate powerful brand assets. Whether you're a corporate event planner, a marketing executive, or a conference organizer, our cards transform memorable moments into tangible souvenirs that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with our creative and customizable trading cards.

Not just a keepsake: Boost Engagement & Brand Awareness with Instant Custom Trading Cards

Capture attendee excitement and generate lasting memories with our interactive custom trading card station. Guests can instantly create personalized trading cards, which they will immediately share with their friends across all platforms, promoting brand visibility and social engagement at your event.

Our custom trading card photo booth is perfect for various occasions:

  • Baseball Games: Immerse your team fans in the world of baseball with their very own custom baseball card, showcasing their ability & skills on the field.
  • Sports Tournaments: Get your attendees to display their team pride and highlight their athletic achievements with a branded custom sports card that captures the spirit of competition.
  • Trading Card Game Events: Make each player dive into the realm of trading card games as their favorite character with a personalized trading card that reflects their passion for your brand & gaming.
  • Professional Gatherings: Elevate your event and create a lasting impression for professionals & entrepreneurs with a customizable card that gives them a dynamic alternative way to showcase their information versus a regular business card.

Our Custom Trading Cards are not just for individuals – they are a powerful branding tool for businesses as well. Imagine your logo on every card, shared across social media platforms. Simultaneously, our real-time social media integration ensures that your event buzz reaches a wider audience.

Easy. Quick. Shareable. Collect data while creating an amazing piece of content for your guest!

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